Code of ethics – B. Pacorini S.p.A.

Adoption of the organizational model and the Code of ethics

According to the “Corporate Responsibility”, mentioned in Italian Legislative Decree dated 8th, June 2001 no.231, the Board of Directors of B. Pacorini S.p.A., on 26th, September 2013, approved the Organizational, Managerial and Control Model and appointed its Supervisory Body.

The adoption of the Organizational Model, not mandatory, is the result of a specific decision and constitutes a valuable tool to ensure that all employees of B. Pacorini S.p.A. and all the other stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, aso) follow, in performing their activities, proper and transparent behavior in line with the ethical and social values in order to prevent the risk of committing the criminal offenses mentioned in the Decree.

Therefore, B. Pacorini S.p.A. adopted the Code of Ethics, an integral part of the Organizational Model, in order to establish a clear and transparent set of values which inspired the conduct of its business activities.

Code of ethics